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Cafe Olai Helsingør
Restaurant Olai Helsingør

Restaurants Elsinore

Restaurant Café Olai has a wide and varied menu.
Restaurants Café Olai Elsinore keeps the tradition and the Nordic food culture.

Café Olai Having three of the best sandwiches virgins, and we guarantee you the ultimate in Danish open sandwiches and we keep a halo above our cold collations

Our Wine list is something special. The owners are a little 'wine-snob' and collectors often lots of fine wines in the quite high classification. You can often find that we can offer 1.CRU Wine - a Chablis - a Château Lafite Rothschild or, for example. Chateauneuf-DU-PAPE Grande Reserve at crazy prices, see the wine list.

Cafe Olai has no white tablecloths on the tables and a waiter to each table, in turn, we have sweet and smiling girls serving you at the buffet, and will do everything to make your visit with us an experience you want to repeat.

Cafe Olai Menukort


Cafe Olai Helsingør euroCafe Olai Helsingør

301:  Chicken salad bacon 

 Mixed salad with chicken, fried bacon and optional dressing

302:  Tun salat 

 Tun salat

303:  Saesar salad 

 with fried chicken breast, parmesan flakes, homemade bread croutons, rustic bread

304:  Shrimp salad 

 Shrimp salad with hand-peeled shrimp, eggs, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, caviar, dressing and rustic bread.

307:  Pasta salad 

 with/ Chicken and pasta

308:  Pasta salad 

 Prawns, asparagus, egg, caviar, tomatoes, and lemon

330:  Baked potato chikken 

 with chikken rooster, crispy salad and optional dressing

331:  Baked potato prawns 

 with hand-peeled shrimp , crispy salad and optional dressing

342:  Sandwich 

 Sandwich on monks bread with herbs, smoked tail-hung salmon, pickled red onions, crispy salad and fresh cheese




343:  Sandwich 


351:  Pickled herring 

 with onion rings and capers

352:  Home made curry-herring 

 with onion rings.

353:  Christiansø-herring 

 with onion rings, egg and capers.

355:  Liver pâté 

 with bacon and roasted mushrooms

359:  Egg with prawns 

 with prawns, caviar, mayonnaise and lemon.

360:  Fish filet w-remoulade 

 plaice fillet with homemade coarse remoulade.

362:  Fish filet with prawns 

 with prawns, caviar, asparagus mayonnaise and lemon.

363:  Star shot 

 on toasted bread, breaded fish fillet, steamed fish fillet, shrimp, caviar, asparagus, thousend Island and lemon slices

364:  Greenlandick Prawns 

 Hand-peeled shrimp on French bread, with mayonnaise and asparagus.

365:  Smoked salmon 

 Smoked tail-hung salmon, with scrambled eggs, asparagus and dill

366:  Smoked eil 

 with scrambled eggs

369:  3 PCs. unspecified Danish 

 3 pieces. unspecified Danish open sandwiches

371:  Roast beef 

 with Pickles, roasted onions and horse radish

372:  Tatar af okseinderlår 

 Tatar af okseinderlår med rå æggeblomme, høvlet peberrod, kapers, rødløg og cornichoner.

373:  Gorgonzola dark bread 

 Gorgonzola on toasted rye bread with, red onion, raw egg yolk and peppers.

374:  2 meatball’s 

 with red cabbage, pickled cucumbers, and pickled pepper.

375:  Sæsonens smørrebrød 

 Seasonal sandwiches. (See the sign at the bar or ask the staff)

376:  Home made chicken salad 

 Homemade chicken salad with bacon, gherkins on toasted rye bread

378:  Loaf of white bread 

 with brie cheese.

379:  Friteret camembert 

 Fried camembert on toasted white bread with parsley and cranberries


Kolde Anretninger


383:  Collation herring 

 Pickled herring with raw onions, Warm fish-fillet, remoulade and lemon, warm meatball, with red cabbage and pickled cucumbers, liver pâté with bacon and roasted mushrooms, cheese, bread and butter.

384:  Collation salmon 

 Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs Warm fish-fillet, remoulade and lemon, crab salad roast beef with remould, roasted onions and horse radish, brie cheese, bread and butter.




400:  Shrimp cocktail 

 Lemon, bread and butter aspargues.

450:  Beef carpacio 

 Beef carpacio with roasted pine nuts, parmesan flakes and basil.

451:  Homemade Beef tartar 

 on buttered rye bread with béarnaise cream and fried capers

452:  Tarteletter 2 stk. 

 Tarteletter 2 stk.

454:  1 piece. rustic bread 

 1 piece. rustic menu bread with butter




521:  Butter steamed Salmon 

 Steamed Salmon with herb butter on top of spinach, hand-peeled shrimp, asparagus, baked potato and crispy salad.

525:  Fish Fillet Remo 

 Salad or French fries, remoulade lemon


Varme Kødretter


460:  Nachos with chikken 

 with grated mozzarella and melted cheddar cheese

530:  Grilled minced beef 

 250 g Served with, salad, baked potato or French fries and sauce béarnaise

531:  Stirred beef tartar 

 Stirred tartar with homemade chips, béarnaise sauce, fried capers and crispy fritters.

532:  Farmer steak 

 300g steak with fatty edge of Beef Striploin, with homemade béarnaise sauce, crispy fries and salad.

540:  Hamburger Olai 

 With/ 250g minced beef -hceese salad, dressing onions and French fries

544:  Olai Sauce pan 

 pieces of tenderloin fillet in tomato cream sauce, served with french fries or baked potato


Børne menu


621:  Childrens Olai Burger  

 125g minced beef, crispy fries and chilimayo next to it

622:  Fried plaice fillet 

 with remoulade and crispy fries

623:  Children Meatball’s 

 with Ketchup and crispy fries

624:  Children Ice Cream 

 with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce




711:  Bananasplit 

 w / 2 balls, whipped cream, waffles and chocolate sauce

712:  Dessert is 

 with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and 1 scoop of sorbet, whipped cream, fruit, waffles and chocolate sauce

714:  dessert of the season 

 dessert of the season

716:  Chokoladekage 

 with sorbet and vanilla ice cream




904:  1 pc. Extra bread and butter 

 Extra bread and butter

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Cafe Olai Menukort

Cold drinks

Cafe Olai Helsingør euroCafe Olai Helsingør
111:  Kronenbourg 1664 33 cl.  Kronenbourg 1664 33 cl. DKK:48,00Euro:6,62
112:  No Alkohol bear 0,33 cl.  No Alkohol bear 0,33 cl. DKK:42,00Euro:5,79
113:  Gurre Brughus  Spesial microbryg øl IPA  DKK:59,00Euro:8,14
114:  Spesial beer ESB 50cl.  Spesial microbryg øl ESB 50cl. DKK:59,00Euro:8,14
131:  Small soda   DKK:36,00Euro:4,97
132:  Sodavand mellem  Sodavand mellem DKK:46,00Euro:6,34
133:  Sodavand stor  En stor sodavand fra vores postMix maskine DKK:56,00Euro:7,72
134:  Pilligrino Water  S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. Over the centuries, these two sparkling and still waters have graced the tables of the best restaurants worldwide  DKK:48,00Euro:6,62
135:  Ramloese water  Ramlösa is a mineral water that is tapped from an underground source in Ramlösa Brunnspark in Sweden. DKK:36,00Euro:4,97
136:  Juice  Juice - Æble - apelsin -? DKK:28,00Euro:3,86
191:  Milk 25 cl.  Fresk Milk DKK:24,00Euro:3,31


Hot drinks

140:  Iris Coffee  Iris Coffee DKK:49,00Euro:6,76
141:  Hot Lomumba  Varm Lomumba DKK:75,00Euro:10,34
142:  Iris Coffee (Jameson Whisky)  Iris Coffee (Jameson Whisky) DKK:75,00Euro:10,34
171:  Pot of coffee   DKK:39,00Euro:5,38
174:  Cup of cappuccino   DKK:44,00Euro:6,07
175:  Cup of Chai latte   DKK:49,00Euro:6,76
176:  Cup of Espresso   DKK:32,00Euro:4,41
177:  Dbl. Espresso   DKK:39,00Euro:5,38
179:  Cup of Cakao   DKK:49,00Euro:6,76
180:  Cup of tea   DKK:49,00Euro:6,76
186:  Café latte   DKK:49,00Euro:6,76



143:  Cognac Renault  Renault Carte Noir er en kompleks cognac med masser af fylde og dejlig smag. DKK:44,00Euro:6,07
143:  Cognac Renault  Renault Carte Noir er en kompleks cognac med masser af fylde og dejlig smag. DKK:88,00Euro:12,14
143:  Cognac Renault  Renault Carte Noir er en kompleks cognac med masser af fylde og dejlig smag. DKK:129,00Euro:17,79
144:  Johny Walker 2 cl  Johny Walker 2 cl DKK:44,00Euro:6,07



144:  Johny Walker 4 cl  Johny Walker 4 cl DKK:64,00Euro:8,83
144:  Johny Walker 6 cl  Johny Walker 6 cl DKK:86,00Euro:11,86
145:  Krone snaps 2c  Krone snaps 2c DKK:35,00Euro:4,83
145:  Krone snaps 4c  Krone snaps 4c DKK:68,00Euro:9,38
145:  Krone snaps 6c  Krone snaps 6c DKK:89,00Euro:12,28
146:  Bacardi 2 cl  Bacardi 2 cl DKK:34,00Euro:4,69
146:  Bacardi 4 cl  Bacardi 4 cl DKK:69,00Euro:9,52
146:  Bacardi 6 cl  Bacardi 6 cl DKK:89,00Euro:12,28
147:  JægerM 2 cl  JægerM 2 cl DKK:29,00Euro:4,00
147:  JægerM 4 cl  JægerM 4 cl DKK:55,00Euro:7,59
147:  JægerM 6 cl  JægerM 6 cl DKK:89,00Euro:12,28
148:  Gin 2 cl  Gin 2 cl DKK:29,00Euro:4,00
148:  Gin 4 cl  Gin 4 cl DKK:55,00Euro:7,59
148:  Gin 6 cl  Gin 6 cl DKK:86,00Euro:11,86
149:  Vodka 2 cl  Vodka 2 cl DKK:29,00Euro:4,00
149:  Vodka 4 cl  Vodka 4 cl DKK:56,00Euro:7,72
149:  Vodka 6 cl  Vodka 6 cl DKK:84,00Euro:11,59
150:  Gl Dansk 2 cl  Gl Dansk 2 cl DKK:28,00Euro:3,86
150:  Gl Dansk 4 cl  Gl Dansk 4 cl DKK:51,00Euro:7,03
150:  Gl Dansk 6 cl  Gl Dansk 6 cl DKK:72,00Euro:9,93
151:  Snaps Nordguld 2 cl  Snaps Nordguld 2 cl DKK:28,00Euro:3,86
151:  Snaps Nordguld 4 cl  Snaps Nordguld 4 cl DKK:56,00Euro:7,72
151:  Snaps Nordguld 6 cl  Snaps Nordguld 6 cl DKK:84,00Euro:11,59
152:  Snaps RØD 2 cl  Snaps RØD 2 cl DKK:26,00Euro:3,59
152:  Snaps RØD 4 cl  Snaps RØD 4 cl DKK:51,00Euro:7,03
152:  Snaps RØD 6 cl  Snaps RØD 6 cl DKK:76,00Euro:10,48
153:  Baileys 2 cl  Baileys 2 cl DKK:29,00Euro:4,00
153:  Baileys 4 cl  Baileys 4 cl DKK:56,00Euro:7,72
153:  Baileys 6 cl  Baileys 6 cl DKK:79,00Euro:10,90
157:  Linje A 2 cl  Linje A 2 cl DKK:31,00Euro:4,28
157:  Linje A 4 cl  Linje A 4 cl DKK:62,00Euro:8,55
157:  Linje A 6 cl  Linje A 6 cl DKK:89,00Euro:12,28
Cafe Olai Menukort
Château Lafite Rothschild

Château Lafite Rothschild           Baron Lafite de RothschildCarruades de Lafite

In order to guarantee the authenticity of our bottles of Château Lafite Rothschild and Carruades de Lafite, an authentication seal will be affixed on all capsules of labelled bottles from Château Lafite Rothschild .

Why pay thousands for a Château Lafite Rothschild  when a bottle of house red wine costing Dkr. 199,-- 

explanation is to  Baron Lafite de Rothschild  has a reputation for producing the world's best wines, and the brand Carruades de Lafite you are guaranteed one of the world's very best wines.

Café Olai has secured a batch of wines from  Château Lafite Rothschild    Yes - yes but the price hits you not of the stick, we think our customers will be able to enjoy one of the world's top wines to kr. 479.00 Sct. Emilion Gran Cru

If you prefer a Sct. Emilion Gran Cru  are our wine cellar ready for Dkr. 399,00

Chablis  1’er CruChablis Bourgogne we have fresh from our wine cooler to kr. 299,--   yes it is prices that were valid for 1/4 century ago, and here's the top of the white wines.

Chablis 1’er Cru

Beautiful ready Chablis from one of the best 1s Cru fields in the area. Montmains wines are known for good obesity, structure and fresh minerality.

Soil in Chablis is unique, with a very large amount of lime and some places, large quantities of sea shells. The highest rating is Grand Cru, with 7 fields, then come 1s Cru covering 750 hectares. Chablis is located very north, with cool climate to follow. This makes the Chardonnay grape here gives wines with great minerality and tighter style than the rest of Burgundy..

Chablis 1’er Cru. Made from 100% Chardonnay 1/1 bottle KR. 579,--

Café Olai Vinkort

Hvid Vine

Cafe Olai Helsingør euroCafe Olai Helsingør

Hvid Vine

Cafe Olai Helsingør euroCafe Olai Helsingør
201:  House wine White  Medium dry Glass DKK:52,00Euro:7,17
202:  House wine White  Medium dry ½ btl. DKK:98,00Euro:13,52
203:  House wine White  Medium dry 1/1 btl. DKK:199,00Euro:27,45
236:  Chablis Moillard  The unique wine - Beautiful ready Chablis 2015 from Chateau De Maligny, one of the best fields in the area, fresh white fruit with French finesse and good intensity. Made from 100% Chardonnay 1/1 bottle DKK:289,00Euro:39,86
237:  Reisling vin  Riesling (Fresh, slightly sweet) 1/1 Bottle DKK:249,00Euro:34,34
243:  Bree Risling  Riesling (Fresh, slightly sweet) 1/1 Bottle DKK:199,00Euro:27,45


Rose og Champagne

261:  Bardet Clement Cuvée  Rose Vine Glas DKK:52,00Euro:7,17
262:  Bardet Clement Cuvée  Rose Vine Glas DKK:98,00Euro:13,52
263:  Bardet Clement Cuvée  Rose Vine flaske DKK:199,00Euro:27,45
265:  Bree Pinot noir 1 Glas  Vinen har en sart gul farve. Duften er præget af citrus, passionsfrugt, grapefrugt og hvide liljer. Smagen er meget forfriskende, velafbalanceret og føles dejlig rund i munden. Eftersmagen er frisk og tør.  DKK:52,00Euro:7,17
266:  Bree Pinot noir ½ fl  Vinen har en sart gul farve. Duften er præget af citrus, passionsfrugt, grapefrugt og hvide liljer. Smagen er meget forfriskende, velafbalanceret og føles dejlig rund i munden. Eftersmagen er frisk og tør.  DKK:98,00Euro:13,52
267:  Bree Pinot noir 1/1 fl  Bree Pinot noir 1/1 btl. DKK:199,00Euro:27,45


Rød Vine

251:  Cabernet Sauvignon / merlot  House Wine Red Glass DKK:52,00Euro:7,17
252:  Cabernet Sauvignon / merlot  House Wine Red ½ btl. DKK:98,00Euro:13,52
253:  Cabernet Sauvignon / merlot  House Wine Red 1/1 btl. DKK:199,00Euro:27,45
260:  Ripasso Valpolicella  Italiens foretrukne inden for vine. Den velkendte livlige italienske rødvin med en god balance og vedholdende eftersmag DKK:269,00Euro:37,10
268:  Domaines Barons de Rothshild Lafite  The world's most acknowledged winegrower, now produces the finest quality wine from one of its wineries in Chile: Los Vascos and quality of Rothsilds wines can not hide a treat for the palate, full-bodied round with a long intense finish. 1/1 fl. DKK:379,00Euro:52,28
269:  Amarone  Italy's flagship wines. The familiar velvety and slightly spicy red wine with a good perfect balance in the aftertaste 1/1 fl. DKK:369,00Euro:50,90